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‘Contribution’ tab in Google maps makes people assist others

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

21st Feb, 2020. 02:58 pm
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Google Maps has come up with a recent update to facilitate the users in a better way.

Google Maps has come up with a recent update to facilitate the users in a better way.

Google Maps now contains a ‘contribution button’ on the screen to let people assist others to look for their destinations, restaurants, coffee shops, and other places.

According to sources, A blog was posted recently in which it was mentioned that users had given around 20 million contributions to Google Maps each day. Contributions included photos, address updates, questions & answers, ratings and so on.

Users found it easy to make opinions based on photos, ratings, tips people provide for assistance.
Google receives huge contributions, but it also remains alert against irrelevant content.

It was written in the blog, “At Google Maps, we continue to crack down on the bad actors who violate our policies, using a combination of people and technology to tackle unwelcome content,”

Google received over 7 billion contributions a year. It took the following measures in 2019.

  • Removed more than 75 million policy-violating reviews and 4 million fake business profiles thanks to refinements in our machine learning models and automated detection systems which are getting better at blocking policy-violating content and detecting anomalies for our operators to review
  • Took down more than 580,000 reviews and 258,000 business profiles that were reported directly to us, as we make it easier for people to flag inappropriate content
  • Reviewed and removed more than 10 million photos and 3 million videos that violated our content policies, as our operators and automated systems get better at catching policy-violating content, such as off-topic photos
  • Disabled more than 475,000 user accounts as we improve our machine learning detection capabilities and develop expanded policies and training for our operators

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