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Learn steps to Use Facebook Messenger Rooms for Group Video Chats

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

22nd Jul, 2020. 10:03 am
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Facebook Messenger Rooms

Popular social media giant, Facebook Messenger usually offers exciting features for with better advancements and creativity.

However, this time, Facebook Messenger offers a feature that lets you host video chats where people can just pop in and out.

Coronavirus pandemic had forced people around the world to stay at homes and so, they have to deal with every work through internet and video calls.

They stay in touch with family, friends, co-workers, and colleagues, using variety of apps, from Zoom to Skype and FaceTime. But a new option from Facebook offers a more ease on the concept of virtual meetings.

With Facebook Messenger Rooms, you can create a virtual room where people can come with you on video calls.

Messenger Rooms works on the Facebook and Messenger websites or app. Unfortunately, only Chrome and Edge web browsers are supported.

So, in this case, here are few steps to use Messenger Rooms:

How to join a Messenger Room?

Open Facebook. At the top of your feed under the “What’s on your mind” platform will be Messenger Room entries for any Facebook friends currently signed into Facebook.

facebook messenger rooms join

You will see ‘join’ if someone has already created a Messenger Room and has joined it on their end. Click the Join button, to pop up into another screen. Once you are both in the room, you will be able to see each other for the video call.

How to create a Messenger Room?

If someone is currently signed into Facebook but has not yet created a Messenger Room, the button will show “Say Hi.” In that case, move your mouse over each friend’s Messenger Room icon to see the status. Click the Say Hi button.

messenger rooms status

At the next window, you can create your own room, and the person you selected will automatically be invited for video call.

join messenger room

To create your own Messenger Room, click the icon to Create Room either in the Messenger Rooms section or in the “What’s on your mind” field.

customize room

Furthermore, you can choose who you want to invite to your room, either all your Facebook friends or only specific people. By choosing the second option, you are then asked to select from a list of friends.

room invitations

How to create Rooms on Messenger?

To create rooms on Messenger, all you need to do is to go on the web at the Messenger website. Click the video camera button to open a new video window. From here, you can copy the chat’s shareable code and send it to others.

By default, anyone with the link can join. You can also change it by clicking Edit, so people have to be on Facebook to join. On mobile, you can create a Room by first creating a group conversation.

messenger video chat

Room Features

Inside the room, you have several features. Click the Share icon to share your entire screen or just a specific window. Click the video icon to turn off your video feed or click the microphone to mute your audio.

rooms screen share

Also you can click the people icon to see call participants. From this menu you can remove another person from the room, share a link to the room, or lock the room so no one else can join.

manage people in rooms

By clicking the gear icon in the top right, you can change the sources for the camera, microphone, or speakers. You can also see the keyboard shortcuts for different features.

Click the double-arrow icon at the upper right to jump to full-screen mode. Whereas, the Esc key will shift you back to windowed mode.

rooms settings

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