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Here is how you can convert your Google Home into a free TV speaker

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

31st Aug, 2020. 12:11 am
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One of the biggest qualities of Google Home line of smart speakers is that it sounds simply so good and clear. Even the diminutive Nest Mini has a small thump in its bass range that makes you groove on your favorite tunes. But then, your TV does not have the same quality sound that you may want to hear songs or different audio. However, now you can convert your Google Home speakers that are compatible with your Smart TV in just a few simple steps.

Another advantage of converting your Google Home into your TV speakers is that you can place it anywhere you want to as it will be connected wirelessly.

Steps Converting Your Google Home into TV Speaker:

Connect Your TV with Bluetooth:

If your TV has Bluetooth that there will be no problem connecting it to your Google Home speaker.

First, go to the Bluetooth settings in the Settings menu on your TV. Once reached, tell your Google Home, “Hey, Google, pair Bluetooth” to enable your speaker into pairing mode and select the Google Home device you want to connect to.

Double-up the Sound Fun:

For instance, if you have the same kind of speakers then you can double up the fun with the sound quality and hear the sound in stereo. For that, all you have to do is to create a stereo pair in the Google Home app by assigning one of the speakers to the left audio and another speaker to the right.

To do that, you have to follow these steps:

1. Open the Google Home app on your phone or tablet and tap on one of the two speaker icons you want to pair.

2. Tap the settings icon (the gear symbol) in the upper-right corner.

3. Scroll down to Device settings and tap Speaker pair.

4. Choose the second device icon for your speaker pair and tap Next.

5. The first device you selected will start blinking — in the app, select whether the blinking device should be used as the right or left channel (it doesn’t matter which) and tap Next. The other speaker will automatically become the opposite channel you choose.

6. Name your new pair something (like “Google Home Speaker Pair“) and tap Next.

7. Choose which home and room the speakers belong in, for example, “Home” might be the name of your home, and “Living room” may be the room where you’re putting the speakers.

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