Apple and Google tech giants join 6G industry group

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

16th Nov, 2020. 11:08 pm

5G interacting is progressively becoming the new standard in the smartphone industry and Google and Apple only newly launched their latest iPhone and Pixel phone with the newer and faster bandwidth. But in spite of just joined the 5G club, both tech giants have combined “the Next G Alliance.”

The next generation of networking is already being worked on at different parts of the world. 6G is said to be 100 to 500 times faster than even 5G. With Google and Apple both joining the new 6G industry group, we can likely expect 6G iPhones and Pixels to also be a thing sometime in the next couple of years.

Reports are coming, the Next G Association is set to hold its first meeting next week and will be led by the Association for Telecommunications Industry Solutions.

As per official notes from the Next G Alliance, “While the world is exploring opportunities that will light the path to 6G, the US must take timely and critical action to ensure unquestioned leadership in 6G innovation and development.” Susan Miller ATIS CEO also added that

“Old models of leadership are not going to play in this new future in light of the geopolitical landscape. If the US is really going to assert its leadership, it’s going to have to act in a new way.”

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