Apple Cuts App Store Fees to Half for Many Developers

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

20th Nov, 2020. 11:20 pm
Apple Cuts App Store Fees to Half for Many Developers

As Apple proclaimed today, the so-called App Store Small Business Program will be launched in early 2021.

Among other things, this includes a reduced fee for the sale of apps via the official Apple store, so that in its place of the usual 30 percent, only 15 percent of the sales price and all in-app sales are retained by Apple.

However, the whole thing is tied to a number of circumstances that bound the program to small developers.

A developer can only benefit from the reduced fee if all his apps generate a maximum of one million dollars in sales via the App Store in one year. For this purpose, Apple is assessing the developer’s sales figures for 2020 in order to then allowance the above-mentioned discount on its fee in 2021.

The company perhaps wants to respond to the pressure of the rivalry establishments worldwide, which Apple has been accusing of sometime of enormously abusing its leading position as the sole provider of an app store and above all as the sole processor of payments in and for apps on iOS and thus a control having formed.

The criticism of some developers was consistently loud shortly after the announcement of the App Store Small Business program was published.

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