Google chrome has a new way to give warning about your weaker passwords

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

05th Dec, 2020. 09:09 pm
Google chrome

Google chrome

Google Chrome is getting an update that will warn you if any of your passwords are particularly weak, so you can change them before tragedy strikes.

We all have a huge number of online accounts these days. From email accounts, social media and accounts with online stores, this means we all have a massive number of passwords to remember.

To make life easier, web browsers have long offered to help us out by storing passwords so we don’t have to remember them.

But more than that, browser creators have recognized the fact that security incidents occur, websites are hacked, and passwords are leaked, so the likes of Chrome warn users about passwords that have been compromised.

Chrome’s Safety Check has been around for a while now, issuing warnings about possibly dangerous browser extensions, passwords that have been involved in a breach and other security issues. The latest change to this important safety feature sees the browser issuing a warning about weak passwords.

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