Oppo attains shares of a Semiconductor company in China

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

14th Dec, 2020. 09:48 pm

Previous this month, China based Microelectronics Technology Co Ltd. underwent an industrial and commercial change.

According to the reports, the company had added Oppo as one of its shareholders and even brought in other investors to raise its registered capital.

The Chinese smartphone company currently holds about 10 percent of the shares of Microelectronics Technology.

Along with other investors, the company has raised its registered capital from 1,314,880 Yuan (roughly 201,000 US Dollars) to 1,753,194 Yuan (roughly 268,000 US Dollars), which marks an increase of 33 percent.

The Shanghai-based Microelectronics Technology was established back in 2019 and its business scope has revolved around integrated circuit chip design and service.

Furthermore, it also includes development in technology in the semiconductor fields, with intelligent solutions and computer technology as well. In other words, Oppo has invested and acquired shares into a semiconductor based firm.

At the moment, the semiconductor field is booming with industry giants like TSMC being a primary supplier for companies across the globe. Oppo’s investment into a company from its home country showcases its possible local sourcing solutions for the future.

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