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Who are the 100 highest-paid celebrities in 2020?

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

06th Jun, 2020. 08:38 pm
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100 highest-paid celebrities in 2020?

Forbes has revealed its yearly listing of the world’s highest-paid stars for 2020, and it highlights several well-known titles.

While several emerging on this panel might not reach as an astonishment, what could astound you is the massive paychecks they are carrying home. However, despite any financial risk carried about by the coronavirus pandemic, it seems like some stars are still taking in the big goats.

In total, the stars collected a consolidated $6.1 billion ere suitable taxes and charges, a $200 million decrease from late 2019.

1.Kylie Jenner$590m
2.Kanye West$170m
3Roger Federer$106.3m
4Cristiano Ronaldo$105m
5Lionel Messi$104m
6Tyler Perry$97m
8Howard Stern $90m
9LeBron James$88.2m
10Dwayne Johnson$87.5m
11Rush Limbaugh$85m
12Ellen DeGeneres$84m
13Bill Simmons$82.5m
14Elton John$81m
15James Patterson$80m
16Stephen Curry$74.4m
17Ariana Grande $72m
18Ryan Reynolds$71.5m
19Gordon Ramsay$70m
20Jonas Brothers$68.5m
21The Chainsmokers$68m
22Dr Phil McGraw$65.5m
23Ed Sheeran$64m
24Kevin Durant$63.9m
25Taylor Swift$63.5m
26Tiger Woods$62.3m
27Kirk Cousins$60.5m
28Post Malone$60m
29JK Rowling $60m
30Ryan Seacrest$60m
31Carson Wentz$59.1m
32Rolling Stones$59m
33Mark Wahlberg$58m
34Tyson Fury$57m
36Russell Westbrook$56m
37Ben Affleck$55m
38Sean Combs$55m
39Shawn Mendes$54.5m
40Vin Diesel$54m
41Lewis Hamilton$54m
43Billie Eilish$53m
44Rory McIlroy$52m
45Simon Cowell$51m
46Jerry Seinfeld$51m
48 Kim Kardashian West$49.5m
50Jared Goff$49m
51Judy Sheindlin$49m
52Akshay Kumar$48.5m
53Conor McGregor$48m
54James Harden $47.8m
55Giannis Antetokounmpo$47.6m
56Jennifer Lopez$47.5m
57Anthony Joshua$47m
58Pink $47m
59Deontay Wilder$46.5m
60David Copperfield$46m
62Luke Bryan$45.5m
63Lin-Manuel Miranda$45.5m
64Backstreet Boys$45m
65Tom Brady$45m
66Phil Collins$45m
67Drew Brees$44.8m
68Novak Djokovic$44.6m
69Will Smith$44.5m
70Blake Shelton$43.5m
71Sean Hannity$43m
72Sofía Vergara$43m
73Celine Dion$42m
74Kyrie Irving$41.9m
75The Eagles$41m
76Adam Sandler$41m
77Phil Mickelson$40.8m
78Julio Jones$40.5m
80Jackie Chan$40m
81Rafael Nadal$40m
82Heidi Klum$39.5m
83Travis Scott$39.5m
84Kevin Hart$39m
85Klay Thompson$38.8m
86Katy Perry$38.5m
87Lady Gaga$38m
88Bon Jovi$38m
90Naomi Osaka$37.4m
91Canelo Alvarez$37m
92Damian Lillard$37m
93Paul McCartney$37m
94Oprah Winfrey$37m
95DJ Khaled$36.5m
97Sebastian Vettel$36.3m
98Serena Williams$36m
99Angelina Jolie$35.5m
100Mohamed Salah$35.1m

Who made the most?

Conceivably unsurprisingly, Kylie Jenner arrived in the first place, with a huge $590m to her title, which can be attributed to selling a 51 % stake in her makeup business in January 2020.

Kanye West arrived in second, including $170m, the most maximum of his profits received from his Yeezy sneakers trade with Adidas. Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian West, conquered at 48th, taking in $49.5m.

Following Jenner and West, the 10 highest-paid stars are (in declining scale): Roger Federer, Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Tyler Perry, Neymar, Howard Stern, Lebron James, and Dwayne Johnson.

Akshay Kumar: the single Indian star on the list

Bollywood star Akshay Kumar remained the only Indian star to cut, challenging the 52nd place with profits of $48.5m. The actor is currently preparing for his initial Amazon Prime television series, The End.

DJ Khaled, whose origins are Palestinian, was elected the 95th highest-paid star, with earnings of $36.5m, probable acknowledgments to his 2019 collection, Father of Asahd.

Furthermore, subsequently, getting in last on the panel just before Angelina Jolie is Egypt’s individual Mohamed Salah, Liverpool’s favorite footballer, who collected in $35.1m.

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