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5 easy ways to deal with humid weather

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

18th Jul, 2020. 08:10 pm
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Extreme weather is always hard to deal with. A chilly, cold wintry morning or the summer sun’s blistering heat, it’s still hard to cope with changing conditions. But nothing beats the frustration of a humid day. The last thing you wish to see on any forecast is humidity combined with heat.

As rains take a break during Monsoon, the sun comes out and the weather turns hot and humid all of a sudden. Humidity is universally dreaded. You can’t sit down, you can’t walk, playing your favorite sport is a struggle and it’s no longer ‘easy’ to hang out with friends.

But, here are 5 easy ways which will help you to deal with the humidity.

Keep Your Windows Open:

Opening your windows on a hot day can sound strange, but you do want to let the air circulate into your home to prevent growing levels of humidity. Stagnant air can also make humidity feel worse, as air is not released.

Take Out Carpets From Your Home:

Your beautiful carpets can hold onto the moisture and increase the temperature and humidity in your house. To at least make the temperature mild at your home, take out all the carpets from your floor until the weather changes.

Eat Higher Water Content Food:

You need to avoid foods that can speed up your metabolism heat. It is important to go for foods that will have a cool effect on your body like watermelon, grapes, cucumber. Try to avoid non-vegetarian meals and high protein food.

Keep Your Self Hydrated:

The best way to tackle humidity is to keep your self hydrated. It would be better for your body to keep it hydrated by drinking lots and lots of water so that the sweat does not bother your skin.

Stop Being Extra Active While Doing Chores:

Almost everyone likes to keep their home neat and clean. Sometimes, many of you want to complete the household chores as soon as possible so that you don’t have to spend much time in the hot and humid weather. But if you will work faster and quicker, you will have to face the torturous humidity. It is better to limit your speed while doing chores.

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