Video of mother delivering baby during Beirut explosion goes viral

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

10th Aug, 2020. 11:24 pm

A woman in Beirut delivered her baby when the horrific blast at Beirut’s port shattered the city. Despite the deadly blast, the doctors and the nursing staff helped the woman to successfully deliver her baby boy.

The mother and the new-born son returned to their home safely on Friday.

The would-be-mother, Emmanuelle Khnaisser, was going to the labor room when the seismic wave generated by the blast broke the windows of the room and tossed all the medical supplies around the room. It caused injuries to the doctors, nurses, and the parents presented in the room.

While her husband Edmound was shooting the final moments before the birth of their son, the camera caught the whole incident.


The father Edmound said,

“My son George was born under a catastrophic blast, I did not believe we came out alive.”

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