This man has 42 children but not their father

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

11th Oct, 2020. 07:41 pm

40-year-old Tom from the UK revealed that he has 42 children, but with women, he does not. Tom is a sperm donor, who donates his sperm to women in need after advertising sperm donations online.

During an interview, he told that after a cup of tea and chit chat in the living room with the woman, he leaves a syringe of sperm.

The most shocking thing is that he does not charge for his donations.

“Most of the time I’ll go to their home. We might drink tea in their living room and chat for a good while. Then I just go into the bathroom and give them a syringe then head out. Sometimes we’ll video chat before we meet or talk on the phone. It’s good to build trust,” he said.

The 40-year-old told that he started to advertise his sperm donations online after knowing about the shortages at sperm banks.

“In 2011 I read so many news stories about shortages at sperm banks and I thought I’d go ahead and apply,” he said. “I did qualify at one of the more reputable sperm banks in the UK and donated there.”

He expressed that he will go to any corner of the world for women who want to conceive after he got to know that some women prefer to meet the donor.

“Some people, I find, feel a lot better getting to meet the person and even knowing a number of things, like they could help with siblings in the future,” he said.

“If they have a teenager one day who desperately might want to meet their biological father, I’ve always told them I’d be happy to do that. Those are options they don’t get through a sperm bank.”

He said sometimes it gets difficult to travel due to a shortage of money, but in the end, he gets happy for his contribution.

“I’ve been out of pocket to travel to people to help them. It feels like such a meaningful thing I’ve been able to do.”

Tom said he “will help anyone if I think the child will be loved and will help maybe another 20 families”.

The UK resident also told,

“We have a Facebook group that the people I’ve helped are in. I’ve also created anonymous ways for them to be able to check if a person might be a half-sibling, using encryption.”

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