Twitter is trending with Sehri, Lassi and Paratha as Muslims observe first fast

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

14th Apr, 2021. 11:10 am
Sehri paratha lassi

Pakistanis are observing the first fast of Ramadan and Muslims enjoyed the first Sehri today.

Some people crave delicious lachha parathas with cheese omelets, lassi, tea, and other yummy items. While some others prefer light and healthy items such as fruits, and juices. On the other hand, some others fill their stomach with water.

Ramadan brings its own festivities, sehri has its own charm. People usually eat at different timings. But they share the same table at the same time in Ramadan. Even kids excitedly enjoy having Seher and Iftar.

Twitter users shared their experiences of the first meal before dawn today. Paratha and lassi are trending on top.

When kids know they were sleeping and parents were having a ‘party’.

When you drink a lot of water!

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