UK summons Chinese ambassador in response to violence at Manchester consulate

UK summons Chinese ambassador in response to violence at Manchester consulate

UK summons Chinese ambassador in response to violence at Manchester consulate

UK summons Chinese ambassador in response to violence at Manchester consulate

  • The United Kingdom summons a senior Chinese diplomat over an incident at the Chinese consulate in Manchester.
  • The event happened during a Hong Kong pro-democracy demonstration.
  • It is being investigated by British police.

In response to violence during a Hong Kong pro-democracy demonstration outside the Chinese consulate in Manchester, when a man seemed to be hauled into the consular grounds and attacked, the United Kingdom has summoned a senior Chinese diplomat.

The event, which happened at a protest against Chinese President Xi Jinping, is being looked into by British police. Greater Manchester Police officers entered the grounds of the consulate to save a guy who, according to them, “was dragged” inside and assaulted by numerous individuals.

Foreign office minister Zac Goldsmith stated, “We have major concerns about the footage we have viewed depicting an incident at the Chinese Consulate-General.

The right to peaceful protest in the UK must be protected, he continued, and “today we have made this clear to the Chinese authorities.”

Charge d’Affaires Yang Xiaoguang was called to the foreign ministry to discuss the issue because China’s ambassador to the UK is not currently present in the nation. All diplomats and consular personnel are required to abide by UK rules and regulations, according to a foreign office officer he met.

Wang Wenbin, a spokesperson for the Chinese foreign ministry, had earlier laid the blame for the event at the demonstrators’ feet in Beijing.


At a daily news briefing, he declared that “unsettling elements illegally entered the Chinese Consulate General in Manchester and jeopardized the security of Chinese diplomatic property.”

“Diplomatic institutions of any nation should have the right to take such steps as are required to preserve the tranquility and honor of their premises.”

Video of the incident showed a grey-haired guy kicking protestors’ banners, one of which included a crowning of an almost naked Xi, and tussling with a group of protesters outside the consulate.

Then, as a police officer attempted to stop the attack, a group of guys was seen hitting a demonstrator who was laying on the ground inside the mission’s gates.

A man was also seen being dragged towards the grounds by one group of men while police and other demonstrators attempted to take him away from the scene, as seen in photos of the altercations.

Speaking before parliament, Chinese Consul-General Zheng Xiyuan, one of China’s most senior diplomats in the UK, was accused of being present by Alicia Kearns, the recently appointed chair of the UK parliament’s foreign affairs committee.


Later, she posted on Twitter, “Those implicated should be expelled or charged within the week.”

The accusations against Zheng have received no response from China.

About 40 individuals gathered outside the consulate on Sunday, according to a statement from Greater Manchester Police.

According to police, “a small group of individuals came out of the building shortly before 4:00pm local time (15:00 GMT) and dragged a man into the consulate grounds and assaulted him.”

“Officers intervened and removed the victim off the embassy grounds due to our concerns for the man’s safety,” the statement continued.

The demonstration happened as China’s Communist Party Congress, which occurs every five years and during which Xi is likely to be given an unprecedented third term in office, commenced.


The person was treated overnight in the hospital, and the British police said in a statement that an investigation is still ongoing.

According to a friend close to him, the man, whose first name is Bob, recently immigrated from Hong Kong to the UK. He is in his 30s.

Bob told British television station Sky News that he feared for his life during an interview, and scars and bruises all over his body from the attack could be seen.

They act like gangsters and act like gangsters, you know. That is not how it ought to be. You know, it’s not in China. Bob informed the news channel, “This is the UK.

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