Katrina Kaif, Financial Assistance To 100 Bollywood Dancers in Corona Trial

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

09th Aug, 2020. 02:10 pm
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These days Bollywood stars are gradually getting back to the profession, but background dancers are yet suffering problems due to the pandemic. Getting to their attention is Katrina Kaif, who has spread financial assistance to approximately 100 dancers, supporting them to receive a living.

The star immediately shifted funds into the statements of the dancers, who are utilizing the service as the principal value to begin modest businesses. Raj Surani, who organizes with dancers for Bollywood numbers, said, “The dancers have utilized the money transferred by Katrina to start small businesses like tiffin services, beauty services and selling homemade chocolates.”

By no update regarding when numbers will be filmed, various dancers have begun modest businesses and got up unique works. Raj Surani additionally replied, “Dancers are really motivated to become self-reliant. Dancers will be the last ones to get back on the sets. The last five months have been tough on them as they are daily wagers with no other source of earning.

Thanks to actors like Katrina Kaif, dancers are taking up alternate professions to survive during this corona crisis. There are some who work in call centers, whereas others have started jobs like setting up gym equipment at client’s homes/gyms, selling groceries and trading business. We would like more actors and film industry personalities to come forward and help them.”

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