Nora Fatehi opens up about struggles of a dancer

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

25th Oct, 2020. 04:30 pm
Nora Fatehi

Popular dancing star Nora Fatehi has expressed her thoughts about dance and its value.

In an interview to a local news source, she said that dance is a valuable form of art. She wants people to celebrate it more.

“I want to do it ‘dil se’ [from the heart] because I know what the struggle is to be a dancer. Somehow I don’t understand, how dance is one of the best forms of art, the most valuable forms of art, but I don’t understand why, it’s not celebrated the way it should be,” she said.

Moreover, ‘Dilber’ dancer expressed concern over the lack of appreciation for dancers. “The biggest icons we have till today were all remarkable dancers, Michael Jackson — he would come on stage, and blow the world away, Beyonce — another one, Janet Jackson, all these people. Prabhu Deva, when he would move, he would blow your mind away because he would do things that are almost impossible to do, a layman couldn’t do it.”

“For something that a normal person couldn’t do, why is it not being celebrated and uplifted the way people celebrate actors. An actor would do one scene in a movie and people go ‘oh my God! actor actor actor’. They get all the awards in the world, they get all the praises, but I just don’t see an award show where people are giving awards to performers, the dancers. Sometimes songs make movies a hit and there’s no category for that performer, why? I don’t understand that.

“What about the performers, that break their knees for the performance, that bleed for the songs because if you see the BTS [behind the scenes] of the people that do songs, you would be amazed that Oh! There’s so much that goes behind that,” she added.

Above all, Fatehi talked about her skills, “Dancers are multifaceted artists, they don’t just dance, they can sing, they can act, they can paint, they can do so much but they are not given chances because they are always stereotyped, they are always slotted in one place, which is wrong. If you give dancers an opportunity, they can make magic. We just need those doors to open and I think they will slowly.”

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