gets hacked by online scammers

Syed AhadWeb Editor

23rd Sep, 2021. 08:32 pm

The first website about bitcoin (BTC),, got hacked by online scammers and down as of the time of writing.’s anonymous curator, Cobra publicized that the website was dealing with hackers handling to put up a scam notice on the web.

BTC developer Matt Corallo tweeted that “Looks like got hacked and the entire site replaced with a scam asking for free Bitcoin. Do not send funds to that address,”

Following a query from Corallo, Namecheap momentarily restricted the website. As per Cobra, the website “may be down for a few days.”

Previous to the website going offline, users stated that the website was presenting a typical fake giveaway notice, with scammers apparently handling to accumulate about $17,000 to their addresses.

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