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New Coronavirus symptoms: Latest possible sign of COVID-19

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

18th May, 2020. 09:14 pm
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COVID Toes: Latest possible sign of coronavirus

Early symptoms of the coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China in December 2019, were described by experts as cold, flu, cough, sneezing, fever and kidney failure.

However, with the passage of time, experts have identified a number of new possible symptoms of the coronavirus.

So far, experts have described many changes in the human skin and body, including affecting the ability to smell, as possible symptoms of COVID-19, but now experts have revealed a very common symptom that may also be a sign of coronavirus.

After the research of Italian doctors was published in the research journal JAMA, now the American dermatologist also said that inflammation and itching in the toes are possible symptoms of coronavirus.

A recent study by dermatologists from the University of California and the University of San Francisco in General JAMA commented on images and videos of the common symptom found in Coronavirus patients by doctors in Spain and Italy. One article wrote that a person with any other disease or illness usually does not have such red rashes on the toes, nor does it have inflammation in specially this area.

Dermatologists call this symptom (covid toes), in which a person with coronavirus has red rashes between the toes and there is inflammation, including itching.
Doctors in Spain also said they had seen symptoms of itching, inflammation and rashes on the skin of at least 375 Coronavirus patients.

On May 1, experts from the Spanish Academy of Dermatology said in a brief study that the five most common signs of skin diseases may also be symptoms of coronavirus.

Experts said in their report that research conducted on the treatment of coronavirus patients showed signs of itching, inflammation and red rashes on the skin or body of people affected by the pandemic and these symptoms may be symptoms of coronavirus

Experts have identified red marks such as measles and deep red spots or scars on the body’s cells, among other possible symptoms of coronavirus.

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