Few tips to begin mobile journalism

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

15th Nov, 2019. 08:06 am
mobile journalism

Journalism is not only restricted to Television or newspapers, but the term also has a broader and advanced circumference now! Who has thought of a small portable device in your pocket can be utilized to inform, educate and to entertain a mass group of people? Mobile phones are now being widely used in making entertaining and persuasive videos.

Journalism through mobile phones can be called mobile journalism. It is distinctive from other forms, as you do not necessarily require a whole newsroom. All you need is a good editing skills and a creative mind. Apart from that, no matter if you are a student of journalism or a professional media person, once you get to know the fundamental rules and media ethics, you can easily get started. Begin with simple methods to proceed.

The study is a must!

It is not mandatory for a mobile journalist to fully complete degrees or certifications, at least you must have a fundamental knowledge of what journalism is. You should know how to make a news story, what are the ethics and rules journalists follow, how to execute your written content into video. Such information will let you create a good work than the others.

Simple equipment

If you own a high-quality camera, it is a plus point. However, you can just use your smartphone to click photos and make footages. You can carry a tripod stand or similar equipment and a mic (not compulsory). By utilizing such inexpensive items, you can still impress others. You just need to be creative to make the best use of them.

Editing apps

It is recommended to learn Photoshop and premier. However, there are various editing apps such as kinemaster, in shot, etc. that you can use to edit your videos, merging short clips, adding voice over and others.

These are a few of the tips you can note for getting started and be an amateur mobile journalist. Consider them and put your skills into practice. Although you may not be capable of competing professional working journalists, you can begin at a minor level.

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