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Sanam Saeed raised voice against the ban of ‘Durj’

Moin Zubair Reporter

15th Oct, 2019. 01:45 pm
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Sanam Saeed raised voice against Durj banning

Pakistani Actress Sanam Saeed has raised her voice against the ban on Shamoon Abbasi’s film ‘Durj’.

According to the details, Sanam Saeed asked ‘If Hollywood movies are played on our cinemas then why films like ‘Durj’ goes ban every time in Pakistan.”

Sanam Saeed in her recent tweet wrote, “Why are films like #Durj Banned. If Hollywood films with all their sexual innuendos and violence and dark topics can play in our cinemas then why can’t our independent out of the box films like Durj be played??”

Earlier, producer and lead actor of ‘Durj’, Shamoon, said that there’s personal agenda on banning the film in the region as it doesn’t involve any channel or sponsors.

Shamoon Abbasi had earlier announced that his film will release overseas before it hits the cinemas in Pakistan, Censor Board has now banned Durj to screen in the country.

The film is based on true events from around the world, depicting cannibalism.

Abbasi had surplus concerns regarding the ongoing problems faced by the film.

The film was initially cleared by censor boards in both Punjab and Sindh, but was suddenly rejected by the federal censor board, without informing what the actual problem was.

He continued to clarify that there is nothing objectionable in the film and that the physical act of cannibalism has not been shown at all.

“I don’t understand what has caused this revocation, my film does not have any vulgarity, not a single cuss word, not a single act of violence, and even if there is, I am willing to cut out whatever is objectionable if I am informed”, Shamoon Abbasi said.

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