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Tom Cruise, Meghan Markle filming together, rumours break the internet

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

24th Mar, 2020. 11:45 am
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Tom Cruise Meghan Markle

Rumours of Meghan Markle and Tom Cruise filming together in future has hit like a storm on social media.

According to whether the false or true rumours, Meghan Markle and Tom Cruise will co-star in one of the upcoming movies.

The news does not seem to happen in the near future as none of the stars hinted about this yet.

These are the fans who keep speculating about their favourite celebrities and want them to see as per their perception.

As the royal dignitaries set to make the transition into their new roles after March 31, the people have started speculating some changes to their public life.

Stories about Meghan’s return to showbiz had published by media outlets after the Prince Harry and wife made a shocking announcement of quitting the royal dignitaries.

According to reports, Tom Cruise eagerly waiting to work with the former Hollywood star now that she’s stepping back from the royal family.

The alleged tipster adds, “If anyone can get Meghan back on a film set, it’s Tom. And what better way to get back on the big screen than starring opposite one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.”

Gossip world is providing very few details to back up its phony story.

It’s very vague to say that Cruise wants to cast Markle “in one of his next” films.

Considering that this story is total fiction, the magazine could have gotten a little more creative.

For instance, fans can totally see Markle playing a secret agent in one of the next Mission: Impossible sequels.

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