British newspaper’s request to dismiss Johnny Depp’s libel suit rejected

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

03rd Jul, 2020. 07:15 pm
British newspaper's request to dismiss Johnny Depp's libel suit rejected

A British court has rejected a petition filed by U.K. tabloid The Sun against Jhonny Depp’s libel suit.

The British newspaper had filed a petition in the London High Court on June 26 last month to dismiss the case filed against it by 57-year-old Hollywood actor Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp had filed a lawsuit in a London court in April 2018 against the British newspaper The Sun for writing a false article.

In its article, The Sun called Johnny Depp a “wife abuser” and wrote about how Johnny Depp tortured his wife the worst.

While Johnny Depp was portrayed as a man who abused his wife, his ex-wife Amber Heard was also portrayed as an oppressed woman.

Following the newspaper’s publication of the article, Johnny Depp filed a lawsuit against the newspaper in a British court, claiming 200,000 euros in damages and several hearings have taken place.

During the hearing of the same case, two actresses who had a romantic relationship with Johnny Depp had submitted a statement in his favour on May 13 last month.

French-born singer and actress Vanessa Paradise, 47, and American actress and producer Vanona Ryder, 48, filed statements in favour of Johnny Depp.

The newspaper’s lawyer had filed a petition in the court saying that Johnny Depp had not submitted any evidence in the court that he had bought drugs when his ex-wife was tortured in Australia in 2016.

The newspaper’s lawyer linked Johnny Depp’s drug habit to violence against his wife, saying that whenever the actor was addicted to drugs, he used to abuse his wife in the worst possible way because the case is on the subject of his torture and So far, the actor has not submitted any evidence to know whether he is addicted to drugs or not.

The newspaper’s lawyer had requested the court to dismiss the case as the actor had not submitted evidence to buy or not to buy drugs before torturing his wife.

However, the court now rejected the British newspaper’s request.

According to the Associated Press (AP), Judge Andrew Nicole rejected the Sun’s lawyers’ request, saying he thought there should be a trial.

The judge said that the main point of the case is whether Johnny Depp tortured his ex-wife actress Amber Heard or not.

The judge also rejected claims that Johnny Depp forced his ex-wife to talk about having an affair with other men, and that Johnny Depp tortured his wife only after the actress refused.

The judge said it remains to be seen if Amber Heard’s relationship with other men, despite being Johnny Depp’s wife, would be justified in torturing her.

The trial is set to begin this month after the British newspaper’s request was rejected, and it is thought that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard will also appear in person.

Interestingly, Johnny Depp has filed a lawsuit against the British newspaper as well as his ex-wife Amber Heard in a US court for making false allegations of violence.

Amber Heard divorced Johnny Depp in 2016 after accusing him of violence and the two later divorced in 2017. Johnny Depp filed a lawsuit against his wife in the United States and the newspaper in the United Kingdom. ۔

Johnny Depp, 57, and Amber Heard, 34, were married in 2011 and married in February 2015.

Just 15 months after the marriage, Amber Heard filed for divorce in May 2016, accusing her husband of violence, and the two divorced in early 2017.

Despite being married, Amber Heard reportedly had illicit relationships with Elon Musk, the founder of the US private space research company SpaceX, and actor James Franco, but Johnny Depp did not explicitly accuse his ex-wife.

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