Friends: When Jennifer Aniston was tricked by directors

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

12th Oct, 2020. 12:32 pm
Jennifer Aniston friends

Actors in movies or dramas portray true emotions in various scenes. They work hard to make their reactions look real in fiction. However, some actors are tricked on the set to capture best reactions.

Same happened with actress Jennifer Aniston on the sets of iconic sitcom ‘Friends’. Jennifer played the role of Rachel in the comic series.

Jennifer Aniston was pranked by the directors of ‘Friends’ during the shoot. In an episode of the seventh season, Ross threw a dummy dressed like him down the stairs to make Rachel feel that he himself had fallen.

In the scene, Rachel (Jennifer) was seen shouting in shock when she saw the dummy. Her reaction seemed convincing as she never knew about the prank in the first place. She thought Ross (Schwimmer ) had really fallen from the stairs.

According to Wiki Fandom, this is a common technique directors usually use to capture real emotions of the actors.


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