Sania Saeed, Nadia Jamil share thoughts about colorism

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

06th Oct, 2020. 04:35 pm
Sania Saeed Nadia Jamil

Veteran actress Sania Saeed has shared her views about ‘colorism’.

‘Manto’ actress shared her thoughts about color differences and stereotypes that are usually noticed in society.

She wrote on Facebook, “It has been a while now that a discourse on colorism started. Activists, some media practitioners and many from the public have spent years arguing against it. Small resistances to open discussions went unheard for a long time,” 

“Centuries of complexes take at least decades to be recognized and understood.”

In addition to this, ‘Meher posh’ actress said that the move is nothing short of revolutionary. “Changing its name says two things: The discourse is seeping in and the power of challenging voices is taking effect.”

“I have been working in the media industry for a while now and I have never seen a product change its name for political correctness. So kudos to the brand too, for accepting the mindsets and aligning themselves with it.”

In the end, Sania wrote, “Here’s hoping that the change in name is just the beginning of challenging beauty standards and supporting breaking of stereotypes.”

It has been a while now that a discourse on colorism started. Activists, some media practioners and many from the public…

Gepostet von Sania Saeed am Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2020

Her opinion comes after actress Nadia Jamil also shared her views about stereotypes. “As women, we are conditioned to idolize a much colonized, stereotyped image of beauty. Being in the business of narrating stories, it’s not always easy but so essential to ask people to challenge these stereotypes,” she said. “One must not lose hope as we may very well be witnessing a much-awaited revolution, one that has taken time but is happening and here now,” she said. 

“The name change is one of the important steps that needed to be taken in order to challenge the crushing gora complex we suffer from as a nation. Hoping to see other brands becoming more inclusive in their communication,” she added. 

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