Azaan Sami Reveals How His Parents’ Divorce Affected Him

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

23rd Feb, 2021. 11:02 pm
Azaan Sami new song

Azaan Sami Khan, who is the son of renowned Pakistani actress Zeba Bakhtiar and former Pakistani singer Adnan Sami, revealed how his parents’ divorce had affected his life.

Adnan and Zeba got married in 1993 and got divorced just after 3 years of their marriage in 1996. In the meantime, the couple was blessed with their son “Azaan”.

In a recent interview, the emerging singer told the host that his mother Zeba Bakhtiar had served her whole life for him.

“After God, what am I today is because of my mother, and there isn’t a bit of doubt in it that will always be the case, and that is the fact. She served her whole life for me and she is very important for me and will always be important for me.”

“Honestly speaking, while growing up bitterness was there, there was a lot of it. It isn’t that it wasn’t there. But when I became a father myself and my own children were born it was when, it started getting clear and I started seeing my parents as human, individually. I stopped judging them because I realized that how difficult it is to be a parent”.

Azaan continued,

“So when that happened I started understanding my parents genuinely much better. Therefore, I started trying to understand them as people instead of my father or my mother or what they owe to me, or I owe to them”

He concluded by saying,

“Now I love my parents for the people they are”.

After the release of the first solo album ‘Main Tera’, Azaan Sami said in an interview that it is a difficult task to make parents happy, adding that he also quoted Adnan Sami’s advice.

“I still remember one day my father Adnan Sami told me that the day your song is played in a remote village, where people do not know the language of singing and the song touches people’s hearts,” he said.

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