Gigi Hadid serves motherhood glow in her latest shoot

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

09th Feb, 2021. 12:01 pm
Gigi Hadid latest shoot

Gigi Hadid and beau Zayn Malik recently became parents to their first-born when they welcomed her in September.

The supermodel has resumed her work as she serves the motherhood glow with her stunning looks. She gave her 63.6 million Instagram fans a glimpse of some behind-the-scenes from her Maybelline photo shoot.

The shoot day for the new mommy started off with a foamy latte, she posted a snap of it in the morning with her cognac leather bag. Gigi sported a white double-breasted overcoat with a tan sweatshirt as she headed out for her shoot at 6am.

Later, Gigi posted a video from the hair and makeup room as makeup artist Erin Parsons did her look.

Gigi shared a glimpse from the shoot as she posted a photo of herself posing in the window of a New York City loft wearing all white.

The new-mom recently revealed her new super cute tattoo for her daughter, Khai. She subtly showed a small piece of body art on her forearm, depicting her firstborn’s name in Arabic.

This tattoo came after Zayn, 28, showed off his tattoo on Instagram Live, flashing a glimpse at the symbol in red on his wrist.


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