Ken Shamrock claims ‘The Rock’ was originally his name

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

20th Feb, 2021. 11:45 am
Ken Shamrock The Rock

Famous American wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson, known to the wrestling world as ‘The Rock’, now has an imposter, another wrestler claiming his name.

According to foreign media, wrestler Ken Shamrock has claimed that he has the rights to be called ‘The Rock’ and has used it in the early days.

“I have allowed Dwayne Johnson to use the name ‘The Rock,'” he said in an interview.

Ken Shamrock, referring to a previous conversation with Dwayne Johnson on The Rock, said that he had once discussed the matter with Dwayne Johnson.

“Dwayne Johnson was surprised at my claim at the time because he was ignorant but I assured Dwayne Johnson that I would not do anything about it. It is not a big deal because now the world knows me by another name.”

Former wrestler and the Hollywood actor, Dwayne Johnson is also widely known as ‘The Rock’. Dwayne Johnson and Ken Shamrock have faced each other in a wrestling match in the past.

Dwayne Johnson aka the Rock made his way back on Television with the premiere episode of the sitcom ‘Young Rock’.

The sitcom features the life of Johnson in four key phases. The former WWE champion has co-created and executive produced the show. The Rock can be seen in the show running for the highest office in the country. The show also features 1982, 1987, and 1990 when the Brahma Bull was growing up.

Dwayne Johnson released a teaser for the “Young Rock” series on his Twitter account.

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