‘’Butter’’ breaks BTS own record within 24 Hours

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22nd May, 2021. 06:34 pm
BTS Butter CD

BTS, the Korean music boy band, just achieved another big milestone by generating a massive amount of views within 24 hours on the release of their song ‘’Butter’’.

Within 20 hours of its release, the song had crossed a total of 134,203,316 views, making it the quickest music video in YouTube history to do so.

Check out the song below:

The song is starkly different from ‘Dynamite’ which goes to show their range as artists. One listens to this track and you’ll be singing along to the chorus, “Sidestep right left to my beat / High like the moon rock with me baby / Know that I got that heat / Let me show you ’cause talk is cheap / Sidestep right left to my beat / Get it, let it roll.”

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