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Trying to get my strength back slow & steady, Urwa Hocane

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

20th May, 2021. 04:50 pm
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Urwa Hocane

Leading actress of the Pakistani television and film industry Urwa Hocane recently revealed that she was suffering from the global epidemic coronavirus and said that she is now trying to regain her strength and recovering gradually.

The actress shared a beautiful photo of herself wearing active wear to her Instagram account, while writing in the caption of the photo, “Just recovered from COVID ! Trying to get my strength back slow & steady !”


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A post shared by URWA HOCANE (@urwatistic)

Several other artists of the industry have defeated coronavirus after suffering from it.

When it comes to Pakistan, almost every woman has a different perception regarding feminism. Some believe feminism means equality with men and some have a totally different set of beliefs.

Every other woman including celebrities in Pakistan are feminists. They always raise their voice to support each other and speak against the inequality and violence against them.

Pakistani actress Urwa Hocane has recently shared her views on feminism during an interview.

According to her, feminism isn’t about hating men, rather recognizing that the two genders are equal. She went on to say she believes that we should all acknowledge each individual’s space in the universe and learn to coexist.

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