“I don’t have such a big belly”- Abdul Qavi reacts to his recent controversial video

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24th Jun, 2021. 01:00 pm
Abdul Qavi

Mufti Abdul Qavi is a controversial religious personality from Multan, Punjab who from time to time gets under fire for his unethical behavior and acts which make their way to all social media platforms, making his videos viral.

The former cleric made the headlines yet again with another video that has surpassed all the limits of vulgarity showcased by him in his previous clips with both, Hareem Shah and Qandeel Baloch (late). This time the disgraced scholar was not with anyone but himself and his video took the internet by storm.

Speaking to sources, Qavi said his recent leaked video is fake and that he has nothing to do with it.

“My face is so beautiful, my cap is so beautiful and I am a smart man. Why would I show people my big belly in the video? And if it’s so ugly, why should I show it? I don’t have such a big belly,” the former mufti said while standing his ground.

The cleric tried defending himself on the contentious issue saying that the opposition attempted to malign his name and already tainted reputation by leaking such an obscene video of him from London. He further backed his statement saying that his team in Islamabad investigated the pertaining issue. Abdul Qavi said legal action would be taken against the people behind this ‘fake’ video.

In the video, Abdul Qavi is seen to record himself with his mobile phone which was said to be ‘confiscated’ by his uncle after his previous stint. Abdul Qavi appeared to record the video for someone as he is seen without clothes and trying to seduce the recipient of the video.

Abdul Qavi then proceeded to lie down on what seems like a bed while murmuring something during his inappropriate actions. After recording a few glimpses of himself, Qavi then concluded the video after giving his trademark ‘bosa’ which was “critically acclaimed” by the internet in the Hareem Shah incident.

Earlier this year, the former cleric was spotted in a video which was secretly recorded using a smartphone in which he spoke of his alcohol and drugs consuming habits along with attending night parties.

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