Sadaf Kanwal Explains Her Confused Feminist Theory

Iraj AnwarDigital News Editor

31st Jul, 2021. 04:08 pm

In the wake of current domestic violence cases, the recent statement of Sadaf Kanwal has left the public fuming on her views on qualities of ‘an ideal wife’ and submissive characteristic. Not only this, but also to support her comments, the model confused feminism with liberalism, and blatantly stated, that feminism is a by-product of liberalism, nowadays feminists believe disrespecting husbands, or competing with them brings them equal to men in status, which is absolutely wrong Furthermore, she believes completely submitting to one’s man, is what makes a perfect wife.

The aforementioned views by the model Sadaf Kanwal, have sparked a fire on social media. Feminists all across Pakistan are policing the actress, and bashing her on promoting domestic servitude, which eventually leads to domestic violence and marital rape as it gives men a dominant position in the society.

Furthermore, many Instagram followers have recently un-followed the celebrity for maintaining the disturbing status quo and calling her statement, utterly meaningless.

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