Anya Taylor speaks about the unexpected paparazzi attention she received

Sarfaraz RizviWeb Editor

28th Aug, 2021. 11:46 am

Anya Taylor-Joy recently commented on the terrifying paparazzi attention she’s been getting.

During an interview, the Queen’s Gambit star was candid about everything.

She was quoted as saying, “Most people are sweet and kind and just want to talk, and I love that.”

“There are times when you’re just one person up against a group of 20, and that’s just not physically safe. It’s terrifying when there’s a swarm of men with cameras strapped to their faces chasing you down the street.”

During her interview, the star also discussed her terrifying paparazzi encounter, admitting, “I went home and cried, but then I figured it out.”

“The next morning I went out and I said, ‘Hello, my name is Anya. Let’s lower down the camera and let’s meet’” I am not prey. I don’t want to run.”

“I’d rather be like, ‘I understand this is your job and I hope that you can understand that I am a woman of a certain size and I feel intimidated right now, so can we make it work so you can do your job and I can feel less frightened?’”

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