Singer Camila Cabello highlights liberating impact of body positive TikTok

Raba NoorWeb Editor

05th Aug, 2021. 12:18 am
Camila Cabello

American Singer, Songwriter Camila Cabello recently weighed in on the ‘liberating’ body-positive message she tried to impact through her candid TikTok about cellulite and stretch marks.

During her interview, Cabello also referenced her body-positive TikTok, in an attempt to normalize stretch marks and cellulite.

“I think that social media can be a good thing. For me, like posting about that video that I posted about my body and being like, ‘I have cellulite and stretch marks and gain weight sometimes and that’s normal’—having messages like that feels really liberating.” she stated

“The thing I’m thankful for social media is that it lets me kind of take control of my own narrative and actually share who I am, as opposed to people telling other people who they think I am…That definitely makes me feel better because the other thing is just really frustrating,” she added at the end of the day.

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