Prince Charles former aide resigns after his charity gets accused of money laundering

Sarfaraz RizviWeb Editor

06th Sep, 2021. 04:35 pm

Prince Charles’ longtime aide Michael Fawcett, who was the CEO of a charity founded by Prince Charles, has resigned over allegations of a money-laundering scheme.

According to The Guardian, the Prince Foundation’s middlemen have been accused of charging a high fee for access to the Prince of Wales and then pocketing the money.

According to the outlet, a representative for the organization said the allegations were being taken “extremely seriously.”

There have previously been reports that wealthy individuals were being given supper with the Prince and an overnight stay at his Scotland mansion, Dumfries House, for £100,000 (about $175,000 Canadian).

According to the Guardian, an email purportedly lays out the game, stating that “fixers could take up to 25% of the costs, which were intended for the royal’s charity initiatives.”

Meanwhile, the email’s sender has been identified as Michael Wynne-Parker, who claims in the email that he received 5% of the payments and 20% went to “another middleman.”

It went on to say that the money would be paid to Burke’s Peerage, which is described as a “who’s who” of the British aristocracy, and that its editor, William Bortrick, would be representing the prince.


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