Shafaat Ali expresses his views on Ushna Shah’s anger

Sana FatimaWeb Editor

21st Sep, 2021. 06:10 pm
Shafaat Ali

Shafaat Ali

Shafaat Ali is a well-known Pakistani anchor and comedian who has made his name after a continuous struggle. He was famous for his mimicry of different celebrities. He is currently working as an anchor on a news channel.

Shafaat Ali was recently featured on a popular tv show, where he participated in a variety of entertaining games and talked his heart out. He also mentioned Ushna Shah, as a talented Pakistani actor.

In a newly introduced segment, while replying to Ahsan’s question, “who do you think among them will throw her shoe on anyone in anger?” Shafaat Ali expressed his opinion, stating that all of the above are capable of doing this.

He further stated that Ushna Shah will beat too in anger for sure. Ahsan said Ushna isn’t like that, but Shafaat said that he’s just assuming it as there is no harm in assuming. He further said that one-day Ushna will definitely beat someone. “Maybe she has beaten anyone already”, said Ahsan.

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