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‘Squid Game’, Alec Baldwin among top Google searches

Squid Game

‘Squid Game’, Alec Baldwin among top Google searches, File Image

Google revealed on Wednesday that its most popular search terms in 2021 range from Squid Game, Alec Baldwin and the cryptocurrency Dogecoin.

Sports were also big on the platform: the top eight search terms had to do with cricket, the NBA and international football tournaments like Euro 2021, Google said.

The wildly popular and uber violent Netflix series Squid Game, a South Korean-made survival game about people desperate to get out of debt, came in ninth position.

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The American actor Baldwin, who accidentally killed a cinematographer on the set of a film in October with a loaded gun, was the most frequently looked-up personality on Google.

He beat out Kyle Rittenhouse, the young American recently acquitted in the shooting deaths of two people during an anti-racism demonstration in Wisconsin in 2020.

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