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Who will die in Parizaad? The last episode’s secret is revealed

What is going to happen in the last episode of Pakistan’s most popular drama serial Parizaad? Who will be responsible for the death of Parizaad?

Bollywood stars also became a fan of the social media sensation and Pakistani popular drama serial Parizaad.

How did the constantly trending drama Parizaad get shot? What was the cast? How much does the drama cost?

Today we will introduce you to Kamali, a super-doper character in the play, whom you can hear giving advice in the play.

You will know in the own words of Kamali, what is the special story behind the fame of the Parizaad?

If there has been a poor man who got rich during the rule of Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, there has only been a Parizaad.

In an interview with BOL Buzz anchorperson Syed Ali Raza, Iftikhar Ahmed Kamali told everything about the cast, earnings, and last episode of the drama.

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