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Abdullah Siddique; a surprise addition in Coke Studio

Coke Studio is in full swing with Xulfi leading this year. Several CS14 artists have confirmed their participation on social media. Some with meaningful messages summarising their journeys. Others with a simple post providing a glimpse into this year’s music spectacular. Amongst those, we found one of the hidden talents that will grace us this year.

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Abdullah Siddiqui, an electronic music prodigy, disclosed on Instagram how he worked as an Associate Producer on the show with Producer Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan (Xulfi). “I was an associate producer for the upcoming season of Coke Studio under the supervision of Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan,” Siddiqui said. This means I got to create a lot of the music you’ll hear this season. As well as assist in the selection of musicians.”

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“I will eternally be grateful to Xulfi for trusting me with his brainchild. And for bringing me on the greatest artistic journey of my life so far,” Siddiqui said. And I’m really excited for you to hear these songs.” “I got to sing a song with the coolest collaborator one could ask for,” he added.



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