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Memesters attack Parizaad famed Ahmed Ali Akbar by whitening skin tone!

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15th Jan, 2022. 11:00 pm

Memesters attack Parizaad famed Ahmed Ali Akbar by whitening skin tone! Photo: File

Chartbuster drama Parizaad has gathered a lot of commendation nationally as well as across the border.

Everything is done with perfection and treasured by many on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Ahmed Ali Akbar has captured millions of hearts. His ostensible character has been making headings ever since the drama went on-air.


“Parizaad” written by Hashim Nadeem and directed by Shahzad Kashmiri, appears as different not only because it is a male-oriented story but the times are known for showing only woman-based serials. From skin color to manliness, the serial featuring Ahmad Ali Akbar disproves a lot of society’s immovable philosophies.

Parizaad had an arrangement for his plastic procedures from a facility in Dubai in the most recent episode. To please his romantic lead, he chose to have a bleaching makeover. To look beautiful when meeting his sweetheart RJ Annie, who will also be undergoing eye surgery to restore her vision. While Annie opens her eyes and acquires her eyesight, Parizaad’s motivation for brightness is to seem magnificent and sufficient.

On Twitter, a whitening treatment session prompted a meme frenzy. The troll army did not waste any time and created various memes comparing Parizaad’s complexion to that of Ahmed Ali Akbar, which is amusing.

Here have a look !

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