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Saniya Shamshad and her Husband talks about facing trolling after marriage

Saniya Shamshad talks about facing trolling after marriage Photo: Instagram

Saniya Shamshad is a gorgeous Pakistani actress and model with previous anchoring expertise.

She started her career in 2011, and her powerful performances progressively earned her fans’ hearts.

Saniya Shamshad and her spouse recently made an appearance on the show “Good Morning Pakistan”.

Saniya’s husband Hidayat talked about how he met Saniya said that “I belong to India, but I always wanted to marry a Pakistani girl. A friend of mine who belonged to Lahore moved to Australia with his family. I asked my friend’s wife to find a Pakistani girl for me. My friend’s wife was actually Saniya’s sister’s friend, so she was the actual matchmaker.”

Saniya Shamshad’s husband also addressed the trolling he had to face after marriage, stating that “Trolling was a surprise for me. I guess I was an unknown person, no one knew who I am, so they were quite surprised as well. People started trolling me on my color and my looks. People used to call me a Hindu. Even the audience was criticizing Saniya, that you married a Hindu guy just for money and stuff. Saniya was more depressed with the trolling than me.”

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