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Geo Kahani fearlessly promotes Indian culture by airing ‘Naagin’

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

08th Apr, 2017. 07:10 pm
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Geo Kahani fearlessly promotes Indian culture by airing 'Naagin'

GEO TV wants Muslims to believe in Indian beliefs as they air “Naagin”

In October 2016 the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) enforced its guidelines on all Pakistani channels which limited the airing of foreign content but, there were some channels that did not in compliance with the given instructions.

GEO Kahani is the secondary entertainment channel of GEO Network which mostly airs foreign content comprising of Indian and Turkish dramas. After PEMRA’s guidelines about the airing of foreign content, GEO Kahani started airing reruns of dramas already telecasted on GEO Entertainment.

From April 2016 GEO Kahani started featuring few new Indian dramas again. Nagin was one of them. This drama was based on the Hindu Mythology of Sheesh Naag and Naagin, which are both snakes who could convert into humans, too.

The promos of Naagin were released and were broadly discussed on social media and other platforms. Naagin was also telecasted by another channel Filmazia Entertainment till October 2016. Geo Kahani’s Naagin was also criticized for plagiarism because it was a complete copy of Filmazia’s drama. The trailer of this drama also caught the attention of the Indian media.

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