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Bandage created containing chemical found in bones

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

17th Dec, 2019. 10:34 am
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A new bandage has been created in North Carolina to fix broken bones.

The interesting thing about this bandage is that the chemical found in the human body is embedded in these bandages.

The human body heals itself and this healing system also works for human bones.

The bones contain body fluids which are composed of a chemical known as adenosine. Adenosine keeps the bones right.

Scientists have put efforts to create a new bandage which includes adenosine in them.

However, it fastens the healing process of the bones.

Duke University’s professor has completed an experiment to create a procedure for the collection of Adenosine.

This collected adenosine can be embedded in a bandage and  it can be applied to fix broken bones.

Another chemical; Baronet is also included which keeps adenosine cells.

Once the lint is applied over the broken bone, adenosine from the bandage penetrates into the targeted area.

Although this system has been created to fulfill the needs of adenosine the bone needs for healing and fixing.

Its three types were experimented on mice.

One lint collected adenosine itself, adenosine was put in the second bandage by the scientists, and the third one did not contain any chemical.

The two of them containing adenosine worked well.

The second one remained more helpful in which adenosine was put by the scientists.

In the next phase of the experiment, it will be tested on humans in which the bandage will be applied through the operation.

It will dissolve itself after working.

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