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Half of U.S. adults to face obesity by 2030

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

20th Dec, 2019. 04:14 pm
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Obesity in US

Researchers of Harvard University predicted that the prevalence of adult obesity will be at least 35% in every U.S. state by 2030.

It says in 29 states, the figure will top 50%.

Particularly troubling is the expected rise in this problem, experts said.

“It’s really alarming, because that’s when the risk of obesity-related health conditions is high,” said director of Food Policy.

The director said, while no state will be untouched by the nation’s problem of obesity.

In 25 states, more than one-quarter of the adult population will be severely obese, the researchers project. S

Some of the highest rates, all topping 30%, will be in Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oklahoma.

Women expected to have higher rates of severe obesity than men, with nearly 28% falling into that category by 2030.

Meanwhile, one-third of blacks will be severely obese, making them the most affected racial group.

And among U.S. households with an annual income of less than $50,000, severe obesity will become the single-most common weight category.

Earlier, a new study in health field has revealed that poor countries in the world have the highest ratio of obesity.

However, ultra-processed food is the main cause of the issue.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in its report quoted the latest health findings on health ratio in poor countries by The Lancet.

The authors of the report has urged the change in modern food system.

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