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Healthy New Year Resolutions You Can Keep

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

31st Dec, 2019. 03:09 pm
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Healthy new year

Near Year celebration is all about excitement and joys. We make New Year resolutions, we celebrate, we feel happy. We also make new aims we want to accomplish next year. It is good to think new and different, do not forget to think about your health as well. These are some of the New Year resolutions that you can easily put them into practice.

Eat healthily

What you are consuming creates an impact on your health This year, decide to eat whole foods to stay fit and healthy. Whole foods are light enough and are the rich sources of nutrients. Whole foods include vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, whole grains and so on.

Avoid eating too much carbohydrates and snacks having excessive sugar and fats. Also, resolve to avoid taking sweetened beverages such as sodas and packed juices. It is because these drinks cause obesity, heat diseases, diabetes and other hazards.

Be more active

One of the most common New Year resolution is to stay active and join gym. A lot of people begin, only a few achieve their goals. Most of them end up without achieving.

Pick an activity and be consistent. Spare at least an hour for jogging, machine or without machines workout, swimming, cycling or other such tasks. You will be fit and healthy both physically and mentally.

Be physically active. It is said that engaging yourself in physical activities more can strengthen your immune system. It is not necessary to do heavy workout of two or more hours. You can do more home chores, help people, volunteer, and other such tasks. Also, try to leave your seat ad go for a walk for a few minutes in your job working hours. Just sit less and work more. Little activities can create a visible impact on your health.

Try meditation

Meditation is a mental exercise but it is rarely discussed in our society. It can be because many people are not aware of this or can also be because we do not give time to ourselves.

Meditation is a good thing for your mental health. It can cure depression, anxiety and stress. It will provide a relaxation to your mind. You can find meditation techniques and methods on the internet. Or, you can also hold joined sessions with your friends.

Focus on ‘Me time’

In this busy routine of life, we forget to look after ourselves. You can take care of others, but do not forget your being. Groom yourself, pick positive attitude and enjoy every movement. Try to avoid things that hurt your self-respect. You will live a happier life and little to no negativity.

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