Newborn diagnosed with Coronavirus in Wuhan

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

06th Feb, 2020. 08:12 pm

The youngest case of Coronavirus has been recorded so far as a newborn diagnosed with the virus just 30 hours after the birth of the the baby on 2 February in Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus.

According to the details, the baby’s mother tested positive before she gave birth. It is  not clear that how the disease was transmitted to the baby in the womb of the mother or after the birth of the child.

China’s state media outlet Xinhua reported news of the infection late on Wednesday.

Xinhua further reported  that the baby, who weighed 3.25kg at birth (7lbs 2oz), was now in a stable condition and under observation.

Coronavirus has killed 565 people and infected 28,018 so far.

Internet in tears as aged couple with coronavirus says goodbye in hospital

Chinese Authorities said late on Wednesday night that at least  563 people have died and a total of 28,018 cases have been confirmed of Coronavirus in the country.

The WHO has called for $675 million (€613 million) in donations from UN countries to fight the outbreak.

Passengers aboard two cruise ships are stranded off the coasts of Japan and Hong Kong after passengers tested positive for coronavirus.

The aviation industry has been taking a hit, with Cathay Pacific announcing a three-week unpaid leave for 27,000 workers and Airbus halting production in Tianjin.

At least 5,000 Chinese tourists stranded on the island of Bali after Indonesian government halted all trips to China, the local Chinese consulate said.

Evacuation flights are continuing from Wuhan on Wednesday. A flight carrying New Zealanders from Wuhan will land in Auckland on Wednesday evening.

The passengers include 98 people from New Zealand, 35 from Australia, and others from Pacific nations including Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Samoa.

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