Women Can Get Pregnant in Swimming Pool!

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

25th Feb, 2020. 04:36 pm

In what appears to be highly illogical, and absurd, Indonesian child protection commissioner claims that women can get pregnant for swimming in the same pool as a man.

College professor Sitti Hikmawatty made the claims women can get pregnant, during a interview with the local newspaper.

Ms Hikmawatty, who oversees child protection matters related to health and illegal narcotics in her role at the KPAI – The Commission for the Protection of Indonesian Children – talked about the issue of premarital sex and illegal abortion clinics in the country.

She said: “[Pregnancy] can happen without contact, like with a swimming pool acting as a median, for example. Some types of sperm are really strong.

“Even though there’s no penetration, the man [in the pool] can get aroused and ejaculate, causing pregnancy.”

Her claims have become the subject of ridicule with many calling on her to be sacked.

The KPAI later said Ms Hikmawatty’s views did not represent those of the organisation.

Ms Hikmawatty at first stood by her claims, saying they were based on a study.

She continued to say that such pregnancies happen when men with these ‘super sperms’ come in contact with fertile women.

Sitti Hikmawatty argues that young women and girls need to be equipped with the right knowledge regarding their reproductive and sexual health once they’ve reached puberty.

However health experts say sperm can live outside the body under certain conditions for a short time, those conditions do not include bodies of water.

Sitti Hikmawatty went on to say that, “In the U.S., there have been cases, for example, where women have gotten away with murder when it is found out that they were going through premenstrual syndrome (PMS) at the time of murder.”

Now the question arises, Is all this really true?

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