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#COVID19: Diet to release stress and anxiety in lockdown days

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26th Mar, 2020. 08:22 pm
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#COVID19 pandemic has reached in more than 160 countries and people are facing lockdown to prevent life losses, in the scenario stress level is being increased and people need some specific diets to combat stress and anxiety.

BOL NEWS consults Dr. Addiya Wahaj – she is nutrition by profession and working with Pakistan’s consulate in Saudi Arabia nowadays.

According to nutrition, food that contains vitamin C and zinc is the best source to manage stress levels these days.

She also reveals that vitamin C is also the best source of boosting the human immune system, which is the most necessary thing in the human body to prevent novel coronavirus.

Strawberries, blueberries, hand full of cashew nut, and green vegetables are best in relieving the stress of lockdown and the pandemic.

She advises people to intake some supplements that contain zinc as zinc is the rapid stress reliever and save from anxiety.

Here she shares a picture of hearty & healthy broccoli, mushroom n cheese omelet.

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