Beetroot Raita: Carve Your Cravings With This Side Dish

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

16th Jan, 2021. 10:16 pm
Beetroot Raita: Carve Your Cravings With This Side Dish

The use of beetroot is very common in the subcontinent, from salads to juice it is very popular, but did you know that this one vegetable is full of betaine which is able to control inflammation?

It can in providing protection against various physical ailments.

Useful for blood pressure

Beetroot is a vegetable rich in nitrate, which is converted into nitric oxide during digestion which helps in dilation of blood vessels. Daily consumption of this vegetable juice helps in lowering the blood pressure level. In the experiments, several people were given 250 ml of beetroot juice for four weeks, which showed a significant drop in their blood pressure.

A Good Source of Energy

Nitric oxide widens blood vessels, giving the muscles more oxygen, which helps maintain physical energy for longer. According to a study, drinking beetroot juice increases energy for physical exertion.

Useful for mental strength

In addition to providing more oxygen to the muscles, beetroot also delivers more oxygen to the brain and it is also beneficial to use beetroot in the form of salad or juice.

Keep constipation away

One cup of beetroot contains 3.5 grams of fibre and this ingredient helps prevent constipation. The insoluble fibre helps the food to pass through the oesophagus faster and is eliminated very quickly. People with constipation are also at higher risk of haemorrhoids, so beetroot can also provide protection against this insidious disease. Oklahoma research has shown that chronic constipation or a low-fibre diet increases the risk of haemorrhoids, with high-fibre foods such as beets being beneficial.

Full of antioxidants

This vegetable is high in antioxidants which are resistant to the damage of free radicals circulating in the body and provide protection against deadly diseases.

Beneficial In Pregnancies 

Gynaecologists recommend that beetroot be eaten by pregnant women because it contains a large amount of iron which helps in making red blood cells and is often deficient in pregnant women.

You Can also eat this full of nutrients vegetable as a side dish. Make a Raita of Beetroot and have it with Rice, Chapati or you can eat it all alone with a spoon.

Make Beetroot Raita With This Recipe 

Mix beetroot, yoghurt, salt and pepper. Take 1 tablespoon Olive oil in a pan then add mustard seeds and crackle them, add sesame seeds and curry leaves and 2 to 3 Green Chillies. Cook until all ingredients have changed colour. Then pour them into the raita. You can eat it warm or hot.


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