Exercises To Improve Bad Posture And Reduce Back Pain

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

11th Jul, 2021. 04:47 pm
Exercises To Avoid Poor Posture

A bad posture is usually not a serious medical condition, but it can interfere with your lifestyle in many ways. It is a physical condition that can make it uncomfortable to sit, work, enjoy recreational activities, perform daily activities and get a good night’s sleep.

Making some changes to bad posture and avoiding behaviors that strain the neck are often enough to prevent a stiff neck.

Poor posture is a common cause of back and neck pain. Slouching or maintaining a curved spine places undue stress on the spine.

Here are few exercises you can do to improve your posture:

 1. Reverse Plank Bridge

The Reverse Plank Bridge stimulates specific muscles while stretching key muscles like your pectoral muscles and the muscles in your neck.

  1. Keep your arms straight and pull your shoulders back.
  2. Bring your shoulder blades together.
  3. Tuck your chin.
  4. Push your chest up and extend your spine.
  5. Your fingers can be pointed forward or backwards.

2. Plank

Planking can improve your posture if done correctly. When doing the plank exercise, be sure to keep your legs straight, don’t allow your lower back to sink, and make sure you are looking down at the floor.

3. Wall Angels

This exercise is a simple way to test your posture. To do this exercise, simply lean back against the wall and lift your arms up and down. Make sure your rear is touching the wall and your back is flat against the wall.

4. Up Against The Wall

Here you will put your hands behind your head, place your elbows on the wall and stretch.

5. Text Neck

This exercise will help you prevent bad posture, and it’s easy to do several times during the day. The exercise is simply to stop looking down at your phone. A solution is this: bring your phone to you at eye level.

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