Sheikh Al Sudais: No for politicization of Hajj Project moderation

By Aizbah Khan - Web Editor

08th August, 2019

A top Saudi scholar has urged pilgrims to stay away from any acts that would politicize the annual pilgrimage.

President of General Presidency of Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques, Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Sudais on Tuesday said Saudi Arabia is a prominent symbol of moderation and peaceful coexistence. He stressed the media to create awareness among Islamic countries regarding the prevailing issues to Muslim Ummah.

Sheikh Al Sudais expressed these views while meeting with a media delegation comprising prominent senior journalists from Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries who are visiting Saudi Arabia on the invitation of Saudi Media Minister.

He emphasized media for being trustworthy in distributing news to the world, to tell the people truth and to avoid any misinterpretation of Islam.

He underscored that media has major responsibility, saying to write the truth based on direct observation of ground realities about facilities and the services being offered by the Saudi government to the pilgrims ‘The Guest of Allah Almighty’. He said we should utilize the media very honestly which can show the unity of Muslim Ummah and distribute the message of tolerance and peaceful coexistence through understanding culture of each other, combating terrorism and fundamentalism.

Al-Sudais described the Haj as a “message of peace” and asked the guests of God to stay away from behaviors that would politicize the pilgrimage.

“You should perform your Haj rites in peace, ease and comfort away from political slogans and behaviors that are against the noble values of Islam,” he told the media delegates

Sudais said, “Islam is against all forms of extremism, terrorism and destruction and asked the pilgrims to spend their time in getting to know each other and cooperate for the good and welfare of all.”

Hajj is not a platform for politics or sectarianism, but for unity among Muslims, the head of the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques

Al Sudais has said that Saudi Arabia is promoting moderation and peaceful co-existence because Islam rejects all forms of terrorism, and media in Muslim countries have to play an important role in this regard.

Saudi Arabia is projecting Islamic moderation and peaceful coexistence and rejects all forms of terrorism. We all have to work hard to defend Islam by all means and do not let those terrorists hijack Islam, he added.

Referring to the Islamic media, Imam-e-Kaaba – who is also General President of Haramain Sharifain – said that the journalists in the Muslim countries have a major responsibility to defend the real Islam, which totally rejects terrorism and advocates peace and tolerance.

He pointed out, “The government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques will always keep on serving the pilgrimage and Umrah performers, since we consider it as our duty to serve the guests of Allah seeking rewards only from Allah”.

He stressed that Muslims should project the real values of Islam; support the Muslim causes; defend the Haramain Sharifain and Masjid-e-Aqsa, in addition to combating terrorism and projecting Islamic moderation.

Those who want to create ‘Fitna’ (rift) in the Islamic world will fail since the leaderships in both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have the wisdom, courage and power to crush those creating rift, he said.

He prayed to Allah Almighty to save the two countries and make their peoples prosper and live in peace.

He also apprised the visiting media personnel that it was for the second time sermons of Hajj from Masjid Al Namrah and from the Holy Kaaba would be translated into six languages with addition of the sign language for equal facilitate speech and hearing impaired pilgrims as well.

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