Russia: 15 miners killed after a dam collapse in Siberia, several got injured

Atta Ur Rehman KhanWeb Editor & Columnist

19th Oct, 2019. 07:09 pm
dam collapse in siberia


15 gold miners killed in Russia because of dam collapse while several got injured.

According to foreign news agency dam breaks in the coldest area of Russia, Siberia

15 workers killed however many workers were also missing after the incident.

According to media reports the incident occurred 16 kilometers from Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk.

15 workers killed, 14 got injured while several are missing after the incident.

According to the local media this incident was happened because of a heavy rain.

Spokesperson of Russian President Vladimir Putin said, The Russian president has ordered all sorts of concrete measures to help the affected people and the residents of the nearby residential area.

The local representative of Krasnoyarsk said, the water enters into the camp after the breakage of dam which damages the camp.

According to the sources, 74 people were in the camp, 15 gold miners from of them killed while several are missing.

Investigating committee said, the investigation has been started against this criminal negligence.

The dam was not registered by the Government, sources said.

Sources also said, the gold miners were working under a private company.

Be clear that private company still has not said recorded any statement.




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